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Do you want to learn how to manage, maintain moisture and to grow your natural hair, Do you have an ultimate goal or desire on how you want your hair to be, what length you desire? Are you longing to stand out from the crowd? Want to learn how to love and embrace your natural hair? Want to learn how to manage your hair?  

Good. Because that is exactly what I do, you have come to the right place welcome!

Natures Natural Hair launched in 2015 as a platform for naturalist of all hair types to learn, to love and to embrace their natural hair, we produce collective, informative information about natural hair and how to care for your hair, as well as product reviews on various products used. We breed a positive and fun atmosphere here, Why? Simply because having natural hair should never be condemned as boring, or time-consuming! Hell no! It should be a fun journey, we have been born with such beauty and many of us have been hiding it for so long, it is time to show the world what we have, and it is here to stay regardless of what the world may think!

  •  We believe you have a goal you have been longing to succeed in your natural hair journey and have kept this locked up or hidden at the back of your mind. We are here to help you bring that dream, that desire to existence, we want you to stand tall and feel great about your hair! Your gloomy days of going to work will be exciting days of showing off your natural hair, its health and styles that will be the talk of the day!

  •  You deserve to be happy about your hair, you are blessed to have come so far in your journey, and there is no room now to give up, it is too easy! We are determined to give you the tools to create those desires you've been longing for.

In the past, we have been featured on sites like Curls Understood and Black Girl Long Hair and so many more. We aim to continue to reach a large, global audience. You can sign up for our newsletter here to get tips on natural hair care, product reviews, updates on fashion and beauty products and so much more.  You can also follow us on Instagram, which is our second home. But, we are not finished yet!! Can you spare us a few more minutes of your time?

So.....Who's that girl!!


Yes, it is me Claudine the founder of Natures Natural Hair, I dreamt of creating a blog that helps to empower people and a place that provides you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.  I longed to create this for a long while, but I allowed fear to take charge of me, and that fear is what I have learnt to break free from.  It was my passion that drove me to start up a blog and have gained a substantial amount of page views in the space of 1 year and it is very encouraging to me.

This passion of mine allowed me room to express, to be creative and to interact with you all in this natural hair journey, I could not be much happier than to spend time in creating great content for you all, I love my natural hair and I do spend time in getting my hair to a standard that I love, let me share that same passion that I have for my own for you!

I have had many hair struggles at a young age and I use to have them being grown, I was at a point when I hated my hair at the age of 16, I couldn't manage my natural hair, I was always looking at ways around getting nice, straight, shiny hair and hair that was never out of place, and hair that is acceptable in today's society.  I permed my hair after begging my mum to allow this to happen, I loved having straight hair, I loved how neat and shiny my hair felt, I love the fact that I could fit in with the crowd and they accepted how my hair looked.

Getting older in time, my hair was getting thin from the constant perming of my hair, my edges where getting thinner because my hair was always put in a ponytail.  I needed to re-think of a way of how I could save my hair, in 2011 I decided to chop off my hair, it was frightening because I had my hair straight for such a long time, that the FEAR of change took a great hold on me once I decided to sit on that chair in the hairdressers.  That same FEAR made me cry or feal very emotional when the scissors would just chop off each sections of my permed hair, but for some reason from no where after it was all over, I felt empowered, I felt free, I was overwhlemed at how beautiful my natural hair really was.

So you see, I know what it feels like to have those struggles with your hair, I know how it feels like working 9-5 and coming home to work and having to do a another days job with two children you have no time, I know when you have days when you can hate your hair or areas of your hair that is not woring with you at times or just not having nice hair like everyone else and feeling down because of what people may think about your hair. 

I have learnt through it all that you have a choice in life, you can choose to remain in that negative space of making excuses, or feeling down and depressed about your hair or feeling that your hair does not fit in with society or, you can like and accept the make up of who you are, and careless what society has to say about your hair, and start to make previsions to make whatever your goals are happen.

Everyone has a story to tell, let your story be your motivation to achieve more in life, know yourself worth and what you want and always think of solutions to your problems, never be that problem do not allow yourself to remain in that corner.

If you want change you need to have that mindset to want that change, if you want to see healthy results for your hair, you need to be prepared to work hard and to put time and effort into it. Success is not a quick and easy thing to get, you need to be prepared to grind for for it, to put your all into and you need to have that passion and drive to want it and more importantly be consistent. Tell yourself every morning that "Your are beautiful", because self love is where you will learn to accept who you are, when you have that powerful mindset right there, no body can tell you any different.

You can ask people If I care for any negative words that comes from anyones mouth, because I ask God to change that negative word into a blessing in my life, you see what is for you cannot be for anyone else.

Cheryl Wood said in her speech at the Purpose Walk 2017, "Purpose is never popular".

When you have a purpose for whatever plan, or success you may have in life, you will start to see that circle of friends or support you thought you had, melt away, you will see that you will be left alone for a while, but watch that open door just swing right open and a opportunities and new friends reveal in front of you, watch how powerful their mind set is and how much of a great impact in can have in your journey, you need to surround yourself around positive people.

When you hit your natural hair goal, you too will have a story to tell, you too will be in a position to share your story with someone because our stories fortold is unqiue to each of their own.

                                 So let's stay connect!

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Let's start with the fundamentals of achieving healthy hair!