NNH Review: Eden Kids Coco Shea Collection


I am so happy to have had the opportunity to win this wonderful collection of the Eden Kids Coco-Shea range.  I never win anything and I took a chance and it really did pay off thanks to, Curls Understood & Eden Works for this fab competition held. 

I find it really hard to find a really good kids range of natural hair products of lately, especially for my younger daughters hair of 4c texture.  In fact is there a big range for kids out there?If so please let me know because I have tried the majority we have in the Uk market and the range is not that big.  I haven't really got round to using Eden products and I am not sure why I haven't tried it yet, but I have heard some good reviews about the brand, so I was positive that the kid's range would be a great hit and not a disappointment.  The Coco-Shea collection comprised of five products: Coco-Shea Berry Detangling Shampoo, Coco-Shea Berry Leave-in Detangler, Coco-Shea Berry Curling CremeCoco-Shea Berry smoothing Gel & Coco-Shea Berry Moisture Milk.

All of their products has no petroleum, mineral oils or sodium sulphates, this is important when selecting natural hair products especially for your kid's hair, you don't want your kids to react to any unsafe ingredients.  When I seek products to use in Ava's hair it needs to do the following things, make her hair super soft and easy to detangle, save me time on the detangling process and make her hair extremely moisturised, my child has no patience when it comes to washing, combing and styling her hair, so the easier the process the quicker the end result and both parties are happy and stress free.

I use the detangler on Ava's hair all the time to help give her hair that moisture that she needs, when her hair is very dry, her hair feels hard and very tough, but as soon as I apply the leave-in detangler every morning it really does a great job in providing moisture and combing her hair so much easier if you follow me on Instagram you will see an image posted with these products and the fact  that the comb or detangler can go right through her hair with no pain, I was really impressed, I do love the strawberry smell it is very over- powering but it smells yummy!!

Once I have applied the leave-in detangler, I would apply either the Curling creme which helps to enhance curls and waves while taming frizz and flyaways with this humidity- resistant formula, it adds control and shine with a soft touchable finish or the moisture milk which is a lightweight leave-in moisturiser to style her hair, in my opinion, they work both well in moisturising her hair and I notice shine in her hair too, I am really impressed with this line.  The shampoo helps to soften her hair, the consistency of the formula is quite thick and pink in colour, you don't need to use a lot of this product for it to lather up and the slip is really good for detangling in the shower.

To finish off her styles, I would use the gel to neaten those flyaways and her edges.  I really like this range, it does exactly as it says on the packaging, I was not left disappointed at all it works well for her 4c hair texture and she doesn't even scream when the comb touches her hair, a big plus for me.

I would say go ahead and give it a try.  Have you tried this range before?What are your views?I 

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