The Fear of Shrinkage


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Hands up for those of us that hates shrinkage in our hair, I am guessing right now, that there is an awful lot of us with our hands up.  Do you think that hair shrinkage is a bad thing? How many of us actually embrace our shrinkage?  I can tell you that every time I wash my hair, I always experience this problem, but I have learnt to just go with it, they saying goes, " Just learn to love what you have, and not what everyone else has".  You do not know what that person had to go through, to get their hair to that point.

Having the type of hair we have, you better believe that shrinkage will appear for many of us, it comes with the territory.  But hey! This is not the worst thing in our lives, they say if you have no control over certain things, you surly can work with the situation, to make it work!

You have to learn that shrinkage will usually occur more, for those that has much tighter curl pattern, you will experience more shrinkage and it will make your hair appear shorter.

I can make the situation a bit better, by telling you the reason why hair shrinkage is not a bad thing, perhaps this will help to brighten your day.  Shrinkage is a great sign of healthy hair, it tells us that our hair has no damage from heat or any other external factors that contributes to the damage to our hair. The fact that your natural hair, is able to bounce back after it has been stretched, without breaking, tells you that there is a good measure of health there in your strands. It will demonstrate strength, the more elasticity your curls has, the less breakage you will experience!


Real talk.. Shrinkage is the bane of our lives, it is gonna live with us whether you like it or not
Lets face it, if length really means a lot to you, there are many techniques you can use, to get lovely heat free, strength strands.  But remember the saying "Too much of something good is not a good thing" everything in moderation! Hair can still break through mid trichorrexis nodosa, that can lead to to too much tension of the strand.

Having hair length is not everything, as they say, "There is more to life", we need ensure that things are done in the correct order, and one of those for me, is the health and strength of my hair, and ensuring my hair is moisturized and feeling healthy at all times. Stress needs to be kept at bay, I do not want to encourage hair loss as a result of it, just relax, nothing happens before its time, length will come you will see!

Out of this, you can say that you are not alone in this so called "problematic" area, but this should not be a course of  being ashamed of what is and will always be a part of us.  "Problematic" should not used when we have been blessed with such beautiful, versatile hair that is packed with curls, that so many people with naturally straight hair, wish that they could have.  We can have straight and bounce back to curly hair, for others this is not the case, and so heat and curl wands is what they have to use to get the curls we naturally have.

So let us walk tall and be proud with what we have, and always remember, there are others that are not as fortunate like us, or many that has much bigger problems to deal with than the minor things that we highlight to look like it is a real big problem.

How do you cope with shrinkage? Do you find that you can create great styles with shrinkage? Are you one that loves to stretch your hair? Did you experience stress on your strands when stretching your hair? Do you experience shrinkage?


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