What does healthy natural hair look like?



So we are here now, we have learnt to embrace our kinky, curly, wavy hair, but most of us are worried, concerned and longing to know, what does healthy hair look like? How do I know that I have healthy curls.

Signs Of Healthy Hair


My hair shrinks like nobodies business, if I wash and go, it shrinks, if i wear my hair out, it shrinks, if it is hot, I am guaranteed shrinkage, that's just the way my hair is, and I have learnt that if my hair continues to behave in this manner, then surly I am doing something right.  If you hair is able to bounce back to its original form after it has been stretched, that means that my strands has great health and strength.  Surly this is what we all want right? Do not worry about the length of hair, worry about healthy hair guys!!


In order to get the shrinkage I would suggest regular deep conditioning of your hair, along with a really great moisturising routine.


We have learnt so far that when hair is able to strength, and bounce back, it is a good sign of healthy and strong hair, but for many, one of the indicators too that will show signs of healthy hair, is elasticity.   This provides our hair with body, bounce and a great curl definition, your hair is much easier to handle and styling your hair should be easy too. If this is not the case then this is a sign, that your hair is lacking elasticity, strength in your strands are lifeless and will lead to breakage.


If elasticity is a problem area for many, I would suggest you conduct a series of treatments, that are specific to aiding elasticity, back into your hair.  You can use ApHogee Curlific Texture Treatment, this product will help to restore elasticity and life back, I love this and have used this, it works but you will need to be consist in using this product, in order to see a difference. ApHogee Keratin 2-minute re constructor is one that you can use as well.

Moisture Retention

Signs that will also indicate healthy hair, is hair that is able to absorb and retain moisture, this is often executed by maintaining a good moisture and protein balance in your hair regimen.  Spend time in moisturising your hair, there are different methods and ways in obtaining moisture in your hair, no matter what your hair's porosity. If your hair rebukes moisture and loses moisture, then you may have damaged cuticles on the hair shaft.  Overall healthy hair will lap up that moisture, like they are best friend,, bench and batty!!


Do conduct the LOC method this is a great way to moisturise your hair, pay extra attention to your ends as they need extra care too. Many use a much heavier oil and cream to apply to their ends, this helps to keep it extra moisturised.

No to less breakage or shedding

Well if you are the lucky ones that do not experience hair breakage or shedding, hand clap to you! You continue to do what you are doing, it is working well for you.  While our hair does shed, what worries me is the amount of hair that is shedding from your head, this is a sign of breakage, and breakage is an issue, that is cousin with lack of moisture and hair poor elasticity.  I would suggest that you should look where you are going wrong and change your hair regimen if you notice increase shedding, or step back and see what you are doing wrong and look at ways in how to overcome this problem.


Do ensure that you are consuming your daily allowance of vitamins, and eating healthy, lack of these can contribute to hair loss and shedding of hair.  Check with your doctor to see if there is any underlying medical conditions that you may have, or check to see if any medications you are currently taking, has side effects that will case thining of hair or possible hair breakage.  Do handle you hair with care, try to comb and brush your hair less if possible, I like to finger comb my hair.

Shiny Hair

So does having shniny hair, indicate healthy hair? Well adding oil to your hair does not count unfortunatly, we dont like to create an illustion here, we want to be honest and real in our natural hair journey.    Healthy hair or curls has a natural shine, you can usually disguish this when you wash your hair, all products removed and hair is in its natural state, you will notice shine in your hair.  If this is not the case for many, then this will be a sign of dull, lifeless hair and possible damage.

I hope this has helped you, do leave me a comment below, your views and opinions matters to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and have a blessed day!!
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