Attention! A Guide To Nurturing Your Curls While Exercising


How to maintain your hair while you workout?

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Toned legs, bums and tums and a general healthy fit lifestyle that we all strive to get by dedicating our precise time in the gyms, or running around the block or attending classes, either one we all strive to achieve great results.  What about my natural hair?  How do I maintain my hair when working out? How do I prevent my hair from dryness if I constantly have to wash my hair after my work out?


This is key! Always plan what hairstyle to wear that is suited to the type of exercise you do on a daily or weekly or whatever days you plan to workout, this is key to keeping your hair looking great and moisturised.

What should I do to maintain my curls?

I love to put my hair in a protective hairstyle, simply because its less manipulation to my strands, I can wake up without having to style my hair while dropping my child to school, and I can workout and leave in my protective style in until my wash day.

I would suggest protective styling where you can leave your hair in for weeks or when you conduct your wash day and in return you are protecting your ends and allowing your hair to breathe from constant manipulation.

Protective styles 

- Buns
- Twist Outs
- Braids

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I am not suggesting that you wash your hair each time you workout, because this is a no no, and will strip the moisture out of your hair, and in turn, cause your hair to become dry. I do suggest that you do the following method which will help to build back moisture into your strands or help to retain moisture! 

Co- Washing - Using a a great conditioner like the Curls Sublime Conditioner or the As I Am Coconut Co wash are great options, but you can use whatever alternative to preference, to help condition those strands.

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For those of you that do not know what Co-Washing is, this process is a short word for "Conditioning only" washing for hair, so in affect you are skipping the shampooing stage and just conditioning your hair, this process will leave your hair much softer and easy to manage and it will not strip your hair from moisture.

Oils - Peppermint Oil is a great one to use to message into your hair after workout, peppermint oil helps to break up the sweat built up in your strands 

Peppermint Oil- is great when messaged into the scalp it helps to stimulate the hair follicles and helps to promote hair growth. Peppermint has to be diluted before messaging onto the scalp especially for those that have sensitive scalp, it is recommended to mix 3 drops of peppermint oil with 3 teaspoons of water then message into the scalp.

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Deep Conditioning on Dry Hair

If your workout falls on your wash day, like my workout days throughout the week ends on a Saturday, my wash day, I always like to prep my hair early in the morning around 6 am before I venture out to the gym.  I use a great deep conditioner Co- Wash As I Am, and apply this on dry hair.

Sectioning my hair into four's I apply the product into each section of my hair detangling as I go along.  Once this has been applied, I just twist my hair into two buns, bobby pin them, and I am good to go and burn them calories baby!

After my work out, from the sweat and heat that has allowed my hair to penetrate that deep conditioning goodness, I just co- wash my hair or if it is a shampoo day, which I conduct monthly I just wash my hair, apply conditioner, detangle, conduct the LOC method, and style to my desire.

I hope this has helped you and encouraged you to workout

Please leave a comment, How do you maintain your hair when working out? What conditioners do you use?

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