How to achieve your natural hair goals this year


So we are coming to the end of January, and wow!! How fast has this month gone right, so you were filled with excitement at the beginning of the year because you have purchased the best-looking planners and diaries on the market, which is fine optimism and positivity is a great thing to have because it has already motivated you to put all your plans and intentions into action.  However, there are some people that fall into these categories:  the first one is, you have this idea and plans of how you intend to get it, and you start to work on your idea and then you fall back into your old ways of not pursuing it through, you got bored and lose sight of your vision,  I call them the "starters".  They are good at starting something, but never good at finishing things. 
 Then you have the one's that loves to talk about these ideas and plans of actions and buys all these things because they were excited at the time, but then that excitement turned out to accomplish nothing but empty dreams, I call them the "talkers".  Then you have the ones that are great starters, they see everything through according to their plans they have an idea and nothing will stop them from achieving it, I call them the "Great Accomplishers".

The question is which one of these categories do you fall into? Or what category do you intend to be in?  Hair growth is something that takes time for most of us, purely because genetics does have a big major role to play in it, plus if you are one to abuse your hair and give it no attention what so ever, then you will simply reap nothing but breakage, dryness and lack of hair growth, what you put in is what you will get!  You need, to be honest with yourself and know how much time and hard work you are prepared to put in, in order to obtain length and healthy hair, nothing comes easily or quickly I am afraid.  If you can be honest with yourself, then that would be a great starting point that will determine how much you really want to achieve your hair goals.

Regimen Building

Having a regimen is a great way to plan what you intend to do for your hair, regimens are personal to you and it really doesn't need to be a long and drawn out process

The factors you need to consider is what products you will be using? If you find a line that works then stick to it do not change it if you do not need to, once you have your products you need to consider when you intend to use them and how often? And What you will be using them for? So you will need a great sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, a great leave-in conditioner along with an oil, and a hair cream, mayonnaise for your protein treatments and products to cater for the lack of elasticity etc.  I like to have a grand plan for achieving some hair growth in the next three month to six months, but I make plans of action monthly to help me accomplish that ultimate goal, be realistic on goal setting and consider the time you are prepared to put in I know that selecting the correct products that my hair loves and I have experienced some hair growth from using that line, I will stick with until my hair no longer becomes susceptible to it.  I know that I need to consider what my hair is lacking and ensure that the products that I have will help to overcome the things that my hair is lacking.

Hair Styles

Consider what type of style you will be wearing and how often you will be wearing it for, remember protective styling needs to be kept moist and kept dry free.  Protective styling does not need to be braids or weaves, it can be a two strand twist, a bun or any type of style where you are able to wear your hair for a long period of time, without having to manipulate your hair as often.

Be realistic in how much time your are prepared to put in, if time is something you don't have, start to list all the task that you need to do for the day to help you visually see how much time you really have to spare.  You will be surprised on how much time you have without realising it trust me.  If money is a problem when buying hair products, I would suggest writing all your outgoings on a paper, and include your salary on one side, start to work out your costings and see how much you have to spare, this will help you to also see what areas you can adjust or to help cut your costings.

Create a vision board of what you want to achieve and you can stick post-it notes on dates and plans of action in achieving your goals.  I find that If I can visually see what I want it will make me want to work hard to achieve all things.

I have my own formula, to sum up, this post Planning + Consistency= Great Outcomes also Patience + Love = Great Things

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Start planning today and do share your plans of action with me, do leave me a comment below and let me know if you have already created a regimen?

See you soon


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