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Let us talk about this British Brand called Boucleme, I must say I have never heard about his brand until I attended the Stylist Live Show, but I was happy to see a natural hair care stand there at the show, and out of sheer interest I wanted to learn more about the brand.

How this brand was formed was by a lady called Michelle Scoot-Lynch, the brand was made, produced and manufactured in the Uk, Michelle felt that it was time to create products that catered to the needs of her curls she was fed up with products that had silicones and parabens that did nothing to tame her hair.  Also being a role model for her children was another element to this great brand creation, after all, you have to teach your children to love  and to nurture your curls from now in order to reap the benefits of having healthy hair when you are older.

Having the opportunity to speak with Michelle at the Stylist Live event and me not realising that I had spoken to the creator of this product, I feel somewhat surprised as to how I did not know anything about this product, plus the owner behind this brand, but hey I know now!!

What does Boucleme Mean?

I was so curious as to where this name came about as I really like it and so I did my research and found that this name came from the French word 'Bouclee' which means curly.

About That Range

The entire Boucleme range is free from sulphates,silicones.mineral oils, petroleum, propylene, glycol, PEGs, parabens, and artificial fragrances and colours.  Great huh!!

The Packaging

With the usage of fresh summer colours , citrus green, yellow sorbet, sherbet pink colour that is   graced with simplistic design and labelling that is noticeable throughout the whole product range.

Less is always more for me, and in this instance, I really like the design, the colours and the font used and the smell is so refreshing it works well with the whole concept, it shows how much time went into designing and creating this range.

The Products

In my opinion, it is always best to continue that simplistic theme throughout the branding, and that is done clearly here by producing three simple products categorised as the Cleanse, Condition & Style. I purchased two out of the five, and one being a full size of the Boucleme Curls Redefined Curl Creme and a travel size Boucleme Curl Defining Gel.

  • The Cleanse section you are offered a Curl Cleanser & The Hydrating Curl Cleanser
  • The Condition section you are offered a Curl Conditioner & Curl Cream
  • The Style section you are offered a  Curl Cream & Curl Defining Gel
Total products in the line offered are 5 and the beauty of this brand is that you are offered to purchase travel sizes.

Curl Creme

The Curl Creme has a really nice and refreshing citrus smell, the consistency of this product is very slippery so you do not need to pour out a lot of this product, as a small amount is enough for each section of your hair.  It gave my curls definition and a soft hold and like Michelle said, it does not dry your hair, and to that word she was right.  My curls were moist, when applied to hair it felt very light, my hair did not feel weighed down.  My curls lasted throughout the day without me having to reapply product it does not give you a strong hold but If you require a medium hold, you can use this with a little of the Curl Defining Gel to give you that hold that you require which is a great thing about this brand.

Priced at £19.00 300ml
Price for 100ml £9.50

Curl Defining Gel

This product I decided to purchase a travel size as I was not sure if I would like this product that much, so I took the safest route.  Having tried this product on its own I must say I really like it, it does give your curls a great hold without drying your hair, you do get a little crunch but with well-defined curls that don't matter.  The smell of this product has a nice refreshing lemon smell that is not overwhelming, the consistency of this product is the same as the Curl Creme so you  not need a lot of this product when applying to your sections.  It is again a lightweight formula so if you have kinker hair this product won't have any affect on your hair.

Price for 300ml £15.00
Price for 100ml £8.00

Places To Purchase

You can get hold of this range from the following websites:

My Summary

I really like both products that I purchased, you can use them both on its own and you have the option to mix them both to get the hold that you want.  I like having the options of doing one or the other, knowing that they mix well together.  I would use this product line for the spring / summer months purely because they are such a light weight product to use in my hair and this is what I like to use in weathers where it is very warm.

Just a word of warning, this product, in my opinion, works well for those that has loose, wavy curls or a curl pattern 3c-4a like mine.  If you have much kinkier texture, this product would not work for you as this is a light product.

If you want to learn more about the brand visit the site here

I hope this has helped you, if you have tried this brand, let me know how it went for you!

Have you heard of this brand? Have you tried this line before? What is your opinion on the range? Would you recommend?

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