Problem With Dry Ends? Here Are Some Simple Steps To Battle This Problem


For many of us, having dry ends is one of the problems we encounter and it can become cumbersome at times especially when conducting a really nice style only to see dry ends.  So no matter how much time you may condition your ends or wear a protective hairstyle when it comes to the take out you can see nothing but dry ends. In order to deal with this matter at present, it is important to have an understanding of the underlying problems, knowing why this problem occurs, and learning how to deal with the matter and to ensure that this problem does not re-occur.

Once you have established that you have dry ends you need to analyse why you are experiencing this problem. Have you stepped back and listed your natural hair routine to see what you can eliminate from that? Is heat something that you do consistently? Once you are able to establish the fault then you can now look at solutions to resolve this problem.
Dry ends can occur if you are styling your hair with too much heat, too much heat can cause damage to your hair and makes your ends dry, so if you are that person that reaches out for the hair dryer or hair straightener than I would suggest you reduce the amount of times this is being used in your hair, and try air drying your hair after it has been washed, wear styles that will help to stretch your hair rather than a hair straightener if you do this consistently then you will find that heat will be a thing of the past or something to use occasionally,

The ends of our hair are the oldest part and in addition to that the ends do not get the natural hair oils from our scalp flowing to that point, especially for those that has kinky, curly and much tighter curls,  this is why it is so important to ensure that you are properly moisturising your ends with water or a water-based product, then an oil to seal in the moisture followed by a cream.

Most times we can have a misunderstanding as to whether our ends needs a trim or whether our ends just needs some tender loving care, so it is vital that you are able to distinguish what your ends is in great need of.


Try these simple and effective steps and see how much a difference this can make to your hair ends and to your routine if you continue to conduct this method.

> Shampooing your hair is best avoided if done frequently, even though it is sulphate free it still can strip your natural moisture from your hair if used consistently, just because a product says FAT-FREE it doesn't mean for your to eat more and more of it, the saying still applies everything in moderation!  Many may cowash their hair more than clarify hair monthly, but again this is something that you can tailor to your needs to make it work for you.

> It is good practice to make sure especially approaching much colder months, that we deep condition our hair, this will help to restore moisture, to help with hairs elasticity and overall health of the hair.  I like to deep condition my hair weekly, but again every person may conduct this fortnightly this option is totally up to you, but do make sure that this is made part of your natural hair regimen.

> Once you have provided moisture to your ends and it has been sealed in nicely wearing a protective style that will keep your ends tucked in or tucked away from the elements that we are constantly being exposed to.  The plus side of protective styling allows you more time, your hands are in your hair less which is great for less manipuation, it will help to keep the moisture in your hair and ends sealed much longer and the more protective styles you do, you will start to notice some length or hair grow, but please this does not happen over night patience and consistency is key here!

> Try to use heavier creams for your ends, I like to do this to help keep my ends moisturised and a heavier oil to seal all in, this method works best for me but of course you can try it to see if it will work for you.
> When applying moisture to your hair, try to apply a product to your ends of hair first, then work your way upwards, this applies for oils too, that way you won't forget to moisturise your ends!
I hope this has helped for those of you that are experiencing dry ends, let me know how you get on if you choose to follow this method, or alternatively if you have well-moisturised ends, let us know your secrets!! If you like this article do give it a thumbs up, I love a comment guys so do not be shy to give me one, I have nothing but love for all comments made.  You can subscribe to me blog if you want to no pressure or you can get a FREE Natural Hair Care Guide downloaded instantly if you want to receive weekly emails the chose is yours!!

I love you all and I will see you in the next one!

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