Hair Prep Regimen For The Summer


Summer is here and things are looking bright and colourful, big smiles on our faces, as we embrace the beauty and the heat, that we have been patiently waiting for.  It is great, but it is time ladies and gentlemen, to consider preparing your hair for the summer. It felt like a long time coming, but hey, nothing happens  before its time!!  Although we still get those odd rainy days, and many are preparing our skin and body for the summer time, we need to consider a regimen or simple steps that will help our hair to keep moist in the summer months.

Deep Condition / Hot Oil Treatment

This is a great step into prepping our hair for the heat, but I guess it should be considered all year round, as part of your regimen. Hot oil would be great to help soften the hair and to help with moisture.  Applying a good deep conditioner to your hair, along with a great steam, will help to open your pores and allow the greatness of either the oil treatment or deep conditioner, to enter into the pores, where your hair will reap, the goodness from the treatment.


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Co-Washing or Clarifying Shampoo

During the Winter Months many of us usually co-wash our hair on a weekly basis, then clarify our hair on a monthly basis, to get rid of product build up.  As we are approaching a much warmer climate, many may want to co wash their hair twice a week, rather than weekly, and then clarify hair on a monthly basis.


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Humectants are great in helping your hair to become much healthier and shinier, when buying products, look for ingredients such as Glycerin, Castor Oil, Propylene Glycol, honey, Agave Nectar, Sorbitol, Sodium PCA, Panthenol, Hydrolysed Silk Protein & Fructose, these are ones to consider in warmer / hotter climates. What the Humectants does, is it draws the moisture from the air into your strands. This works best for those that lives in humid climates, it will not work as well for those that lives in drier climates, and therefore, I would suggest you use much lighter products in your hair rather than those with humectants in them, as it will pull the moisture out of your hair.


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It is always good practise, to trim your hair and this is something you should consider doing when prepping your hair for spring.  Trimming your ends regularly will make your hair much more manageable and you get better results when styling your hair.


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Air Dying

Now now, if you are one who constantly uses the hair dryer, or the diffuser, well you can put those down, and left your hair loose into the air to dry naturally.  It is a much better method, to dry your hair, try to comb your hair less when hair is wet, as hair is in its weakest state.


I would love to have a wad of money, or even a money tree, where I can pluck of the tree, with no worries of ever running out of money, or even worrying where the money will come from.  But needs been, if you can build up a range, it is a great idea to have products for your Winter Months and products for your warmer months.  So your winter months, your products would be a bit more heavier, as you are prone to keep hair moisturised from the dry, cold elements that our hair gets exposed to.  So for the warmer months, it is best to use much lighter hair products, that will help to keep hair moisturised but not feeling weighed down, or over greasy when exposed to heat.

Evaluating your hair products now, is a great move to prepare yourself for the warmer months, when looking for hair products, conduct a list of things that your hair needs, for instance, if your hair is really dry, look for products that caters for really dry hair!

Curly Styles 

For those of use that loves wash n go's or any curly hair styles, perhaps you could consider using setting lotions, mousse or a water base soluble gel, as this works best for creating a curly style. Do avoid using oil if you have applied mousse or gel to your hair, as I have experienced, it will make your curls fall flat so do avoid doing this if you are going to wear a curly hair style.

I hope this has helped you to prepare for the spring, I wonder what new products you will try and buy for this season!



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    1. Brilliant,I will look into that, thank you very much Tanaaz