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So I have been dying to show you guys, one of my utter most favorite gifts, that was given to me from my husband for Christmas. It has been sitting in my room, looking at me for a long while, I was afraid to open this package while my kids was around.  There was never a perfect moment, where I could open, explore and take in how overwhelming this gift was, with kids around.  There are so many small items, small glasses and such lovely things, that will help me in creating my own signature perfume, so yes you do need to take your time, care and concentration when doing this.



Look at the detail here, so lush.....

I was blown away by how much things had come in the box, I can tell I will be having some fun in make my signature perfume.  This would be a perfect gift idea for your love one's for Valentine's Day.

Do visit the brand on , This is a great product produced by Ben Janousek.  If celebrities  can create their own perfume, then why can't we, well it is now possible to create one of your finest perfume using this gift set.

Francois Robert is their Master Perfumer who has years of experience in creating an exquisite range of 18 blends and more that has been sourced from the world's finest ingredients.  The gift comes with instructions on how you can create your perfume.

In the kit...

Scent Strips - These are used to dip in the blends, for you to decide on what scent you like before creating your perfume.

Blends - You have 18 different scents to blend and create your fragrance

Pipette -  This is a measuring tube that you use to balance / measure your scents, and inserting the blends into your perfume bottle.

30 ml Perfume Bottle 

20 ml Diamante Purse Spray Atomizer- This is a great little  package for you to travel in your handbag, it has a great sparkly diamante finish on the lip.  It comes in different colors such as Gold, Satin Silver and Dark Night.  They also offer a plain Purse Spray Atomizer that comes in Powder Pink, Midnight Blue and Snow White.

Secret Atomizer Pen - This is a really nice, stylish, minimalist pen and a perfect way to conceal your fragrance.  It is perfect to carry around and to stay refreshed all day.  This holds up to 2 ml of perfume.

There are three different gift boxes you can go for, and priced at £40.00 each, this particular one I have is priced at £95, they currently have an offer going on, you can get 10% off of everything, do make sure you use the code HEARTS at the checkout to get that offer.

Have you used this before? Would this be something for you to try out?
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