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Oils as we know are great at sealing in moisture, are great for hot oil treatments, but you may find, that some oils may not work well in your hair, especially for those that has fine hair. Why? What Oils will work in my fine hair?

Well many of us that has fine hair, will find it frustrating and annoying, because certain hairstyles will not work well in our hair, or wont last long.  You may find that when you use hair creams and oils, althouth they keep your hair moist, it leaves your hair feeling weighed down, heavy, greasy!!

Having fine hair is not the end of the world, it is just one of those things that you can learn to live with, and learn to work with!!  Enbrace your crown, and treat it well, and you will reap great rewards if you appoarch your hair, with care, patience and love.

What is fine hair? How is this defined?

Many of us naturals live by the hair typing system, that determines what category, our hair hair falls into.  Fine hair is determined by the diameter of each individual strand, please bear in mind, that it is not determined by the actual number of hairs on your scalp.  There are three categories that hair can fall into, and they are, fine, medium and coarse.

                                                         Determining your hair density

Fine hair is dependant on genetics, this applies to all hair types.  So someone that has fine hair, means that they will have few hair follicles per square inch as shown in the diagram.

Emblematic of fine hair

- Fine hair is easily weighed down when you use heavier oils, creams and butters
- Fine hair is very fragile and prone to breakage, especially when hair is manipulated constantly
- Hair dying for fine hair will take to colour much more easily than those who has medium to thick hair.
- Certain hairstyles won't last or stay long in your hair
- Fine hair when washed, dried and style may lay flat and limp, it shows no body at all

What oils are great for fine hair?

                             Image result for oils for hair

We have been bombarded or spoilt for chose when it comes to oils or sealants for our hair, there are so many that you would get lost lets face it.

Hmm........ where do I start!!

Do not worry, you are not alone! Learning how to maintain your hair, and learning what products works well in you hair, you would and should have an idea, of what type of oil you shoud be using, especially if you have fine hair.  I have looked into some oils that you could try and test out, but again what I recommend, is not forced for you to run out and buy, but testing them out will benefit!


Coconut Oil- This oils is made up of fatty acids, that helps to smooth the scalp and help to keep the scalp feeling soft.  Coconut oil moisturises the scalp that helps to promote hair regrowth, it helps to reduce breakage as the oils adds strength to your hair shaft.

                          Image result for coconut oil
                                                     Coconut Oil

It is not a heavy oil, it is very light, but many naturals that use this, find it dying to the hair, or found that it did not agree with their hair.  Do try and test this, what may not work for them, may work for you.

Argan Oil - This oil is a very rich in vitamin E and contains Omega 3 &9 essentrial fatty acids, that provides great nuitiants for your hair.  Argan oil has the capacity to penetrate the hair shaft and repairs damaged hair follicles.  Argan oil provides shine to dry hair by locking within the moisture.  Argan oil is non-greasy and does not weigh your hair down.

                                            Image result for Argan oil
                                            Argan Oil Rich in Vitamin E

Almond Oil - This oils has fatty acids as well as Vitamin E, D, B1.B2 and A these all help in growing heathy strong hair. Almond oil helps to curb dandruff, provides shine to your hair, it can help to mositen your dry scalp, prevent split ends, it is a great detangler  and can be used as a hot oil treatment.

                        Image result for Almond oil
                                                         Almond Oil

Lavendar Oil -  One of the essentrial and most versatile oils that you can use, and what has great benefits for your hair, as well as you body.  This oil needs to be used carefully to prevent any side affects that you can get, if used wrongly.  Lavender oil is great in controlling hair loss, and helps to improve hair growth, it can get rid of dry itchy scalp and curb dandruff, can help to treat headlice and treats alopicia.

                    Image result for lavender oil

Jojoba Oil -  Jojoba oil is one of the best oils to help with dry, damaged hair.  It helps with dandruff and hair loss.  This oil is great for all hair types, it help prevents split ends and hair that is prone to tangling and damage hair.  This oil helps for dry and frizzy hair, it helps to replenish moisture and helps to improve its texture and appearance.

How to treat fine hair

With fine hair it is best to conduct a protein treatment, this will help give your hair weight to fine hair and will strengthen your strands.  Pre- pooing your hair using a oil suited to your hair, before wash day, will benefit your hair, making your hair soft and allowing the oil to saturate into your strands over night.

Using a clafiying shampoo when your hair has product build up is important in helping to remove dirt and any mess you have in your hair, this should be done on a monthly basis, the weeks leading up to the clarifying month should be co-washing and hot oil treatments, your protein treatment needs to be done on clean, dirt free hair, so it is recommend that you do your protein treatment on the day of clarifying your hair.

Leave- in conditioners try to look for ones that benefits for dry and damaged hair, do detangle your hair into sections and it is better to use your hands to detangle your hair or to use a wide tooth comb, do not brush your hair when it is wet, as this is the weakest point of your hair and hair will break at this point.  Try to comb your hair less and use hairstyles that require less manipulation.

Trim..trim..trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to keep split ends at bay, and do use a great sealant for your fine hair, conducting the LOC or the LCO method will be beneficial for your hair and help lock in the moisture!

I would suggest you stay away from colour or highlights as this is more damaging to your fine hair, it will further dry out your hair, create more frizz and leave your hair looking dull and lifeless, it will make your hair break. Do bear this in mind when you decide to apply colour to your hair and look at the pros and cons of doing this.

If you would like to learn how to determine if you have fine hair, do check out this link for more information

I hope this has helped you.  Do you have thin hair? How do you maintain your hair? What oils do you use in your hair? Do you find them effective? 

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  1. Very good article. I don't have fone hair but my mother does. I will pass this information along. Thanks

  2. Very good article. I don't have fone hair but my mother does. I will pass this information along. Thanks

    1. I hope it helps your mother, and thank you for sharing it with her.