Key benefits as to why you should us lemon in your hair




How far are you prepared to go in terms of what you use in your natural hair, they say what good healthy foods you consume that is good for your body, is usually good for your hair.  So lets have a good look at the benefits and the properties of lemon.

Freshly squeezed lemon juice is always the better option, than shop bought juice, lemons has a PH balance of 2 and lemons are known to be very acidic too.  Lemons has high contents of vitamin C and Folic acid, vitamin B and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium.

When you add lemon juice to your shampoo, conditioner or use it as a hair rinse, it provides your hair with shine and glow, the acidic properties helps to keep at bay dandruff and helps to seal the cuticles which helps to seal in moisture.

Did you know that lemons has a property in it that helps to lighten your hair, you see the acids in lemon juice strips your hair of its colour, and gives you highlights, if you use lemon juice in your hair and in direct sunlight, it will fasten the lightening process quickly.

Those of you that suffers from oily scalp one of the best solutions for this problem is to apply lemon juice in your hair this will absorb the oils.

If you aim to have long hair the hidden ingredient to use is lemon juice, with vitamin C property with added coconut or olive oil mixed will be your best friend to aid hair growth.

Remember!! Too much of a good thing can create dryness to your hair, so do keep in mind that you should refrain from using lemon juice in your hair too often, and do deep conditon your hair.

I hope this has enlightened you to use fresh lemon juice in your hair,  Have you tried this method before? What was your experience from using lemons in your hair?

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