5 Reasons why your hair is not growing



Hey guys!!

Hope all is well, I wanted to talk about a topic around hair growth, and reasons as to why our hair may not be retaining the length we require.

Our hair grows 1/2 inch on average a month which is 6 inches a year, if you are not seeing any form of hair growth you need to step back and re-evaluate  what you are doing wrong.

Annoying right!!! We all worked hard to make sure our hair is properly nourished, we use the right products in our hair, we are doing everything right! But are we doing everything right? There are several factors as to why your hair is not retaining the length that it has grown at and I have 5 steps as to why this may be the case.

Dry Hair

What contributes to dry hair? Natural curly hair will have some form of dryness because of the tight kinky curls that we have, the structure of the hair determines how well the natural oils that are produced in our scalp, is able to travel all the way down the hair shaft, as the curls are tight and curly it makes it difficult for the natural oils to travel down the hair. 

There are several other factors that contributes to dryness and they are shampooing far too often, using shampoos with sulphates in them which will dry out your hair.  Try to not use products that has alcohol in them as this can be very drying for the hair.  You need to make sure that you are consuming the required amount of water needed.  The list is endless and I could go on, the key to provent dryness is to make sure that your hair is constantly moisturised by using water or waterbased products, and sealing in the moisture!

Protective styling, detangling perhaps using your fingers rather than a comb or a brush will help and combing your hair well with a wide tooth comb if finger detangling is not your thing,  should help you to see some difference in the health of your hair.

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Lack of sealing

Many of use say that we are sealing in the moisture, but the question is are we doing this? And how often are we conducting this process.  After washing or before styling our hair you need to make sure that after applying your leave in conditioner, you need to seal your ends and hair with oil along with your cream, this will keep the moisture in your hair for a much longer period if excuted well.  Pay extra attention to your ends, many say to use a much heavier oil and apply this to your ends, remember your ends is the oldest part of your hair and needs the most attention!!


Using too much heat is not good for your hair especially when being used on your hair constanly. Heat is not your friend trust me, it will damage your hair if you do not stop using it in your hair, it is okay to use occasionally, but if you can refrain from heat for a whie, you will reap the rewards by obtaining much defined healthly curls!!

Trimming your hair

Is there such thing as trimming your hair less often and trimming if far too often!  Well we know that it is important to trim your ends as part of your hair routine, but try to not trim them too often, trim as and when necesssary.  You do not want to wait too long to trim you split ends as this will travel up the hair shaft and you do not want futher problems with your strands so use wisom on this one and only trim as and when reqired.

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Healthy lifestyle

It is far more important surly to focus more on the health of your hair more than the length, you see if you eat right, exercise and drink the required amount of water as well as caring for your hair, the length will come without you being over obessed.

Remember to treat your hair with care and handle your hair delicately, stop being rough with hair, stop manupliating your hair too much as this will contribute to breakage.  Treat your hair like your skin with care, with moisture and keep your hair in protective styles more, it keep in the moisture and to help retain growth so that your hair is free from being man handled!

I hope this post has delighted you, let us make hair goals and work towards achieving what you have set out to do!

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