What are the benefits of rain water for natual hair?


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Rain water why it benefits our hair

When we think and thank God for what he has presented to us, all things natural that has a great benefit to our lives, do we actually make great use of what is given to us freely, or do we disregard it all together and never really think about these things or more or less have the time!

It has been raining the past couple of days, I having the opportunity to sit in my house and look outside, and embrace the pure beauty and the calmness that the rains gives, It made me realise that the rain is necessary for a lot of things and the benefits it has for us and our natural hair is unreal.

So why do we settle for the pure hard water that we get from our household taps, and hard water that causes more harm to our hair and skin then it needs too.  When we have free access to rain water that has added benefits that is fit for our wellbeing.

I used to be one to rain away from the rain so quickly, I hated it, being cold and all, but now I have learnt that rain does not cause you any harm, so I am learniang to embrace the rain!

So what are the benefits?

Rain water is known to be a high quility water that is soft water, it is netural in PH and it is free from disinfection, salts, minerals and other natural and made-made contaminants.  Rain water is better than hard water, it doesn't leave a soap resdue that gets left behind as much as hard water does.  Washing your hair in rain water creates a better lather than hard water.

Rain water does have chemicals in it, but does not have the heaviest form of chemicals that is found more in hard water.  Many that has used rain water stated that when washing their hair, they have noticed a much softer and silky feel to their hair. So I looked at it from this perspective, water benefits the plants and the trees, if they all grow quick and most steady in pace, then image how much benefit rain water will have to our hair growth.

I do suggest that you filter the rain water first before using it directly into your hair, as many do state that rain water is acid water.  But I always bring it down to the area that you live in, London back in the 1970's had a hugh problem with sulphur pollution,  acid rain that cause damage to buildings and made our lakes and freashwater more acidic killing fish.

During the 1980's Britains environment found levels of sulphur in our atmosphere has dropped 90% thanks to the measures to control emissions from coal fired power stations in the 1980's. The govement had made major improvements in making the cleanliness of the air  and water

The only probelm we now have is the nitrogen on the ground levels from cars, power stations and farms.  Having too much nitrogen in the atmosphere causes the weeds and grasses and nettles to flourish quickly which is not a good thing!!

So I do suggest that you can either filter the water onces you have caught some in a bucket and make sure it is filtered well.  Of course if you do live in a area that has acid rain, do not allow rain to touch your hair at all.

How to filter rain water?

Step one

Once you haave collected your rain water, if the water is cloudy and or muddy, allow it to stand in a large pot for twelve hours to alow for the particles to settle to the bottom of the pot.

Step Two

Then slowly scoop the water out of the pot without catching the sediment on the bottom of the pot

Step Three

You will need to pour your water through a standard paper coffee filter, or a clean pillow case, this will help to remove any impurities in the water.

Step Four

After you have pre filtered the water you will need to boil the water for 1 minute or hard boil for two miniutes on a very high heat this will kill all the protozoa, bateria and viruses.

Now I hope this post has inspried you to try out this method I will be trying this out for sure!! Have you tried this method before? How was the experience? Did you notice a difference in your hair?

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