6 Simple Tips To Maintain your curls in the Summer


Well I guess you can say summer is here, but we have only experienced a few days of pure sun, but despite the constant rain, we still have the heat stemming through the clouds of rain. Our aim is to have nice and healthy, soft and well-hydrated curls that people can rave about and stare in disbelief on how the hell you manage to get them curls looking bomb in this weather condition.



This is the key remedy to all problems for curly, kinky girls, keeping yourself well hydrated with your daily intake of water. Having strong, soft and healthy hair always boils down to drinking water, healthy hair starts from the inside, and then works its way outside, so make sure you keep hydrated.  Always make sure that water is used first in your hair, before you manipulate your strands, as water is moisture for your hair.


 Hats ladies

Summer time is our best time to cover up our curls from the damaging UV rays, we need to keep the hair protected as well as our skin, there are so many options that you can use to cover your hair while still looking very stylish, what is more important, rocking fresh hydrated hair, or straw looking dry hair!



In my previous article on my natural hair regimen, I always conduct a pre-poo the night before my wash day, this allows the oils to soak up in my strands overnight, making my hair super soft and prepared for my wash day.  This can be looked at as a primer before you apply makeup to your face, it is good practice to use a primer first, to help prep your skin for the next step of applying foundation, this helps to prolong the wear of your foundation.  The same kind of principle applies to your hair, when pre-pooing, your priming your hair for cleansing by softening, strengthening and helping with ease when detangling your hair.  The oils prevent products from stripping your hair of its moisture so if you prefer to clarify your hair more than to opt for co-wash, this step would benefit you more.


Deep Condition

Deep conditioning should be the most important part of your regimen, it graces your curly mane in every way possible, it helps with softness and moisture and it strengthens your strands as well.

Steaming your hair while deep conditioning will gently lift the cuticle, allowing the water to penetrate the hair, keeping hair hydrated.  We aim to promote soft hair because soft hair helps to maintain moisture balance and elasticity.


Oil Rinse

If you would like to keep your strands extra moisturized, why not do an oil rinse.  After you have washed your hair, apply coconut oil or avocado oil and or olive oil to your hair, rinse, then apply your hair cream to provide that extra moisture.  This will leave your hair soft and strands looking shiny too.



Leave- in  conditioners or a product that is a water-based mixture should be used to help in maintaining soft, moisturizing hair.  It is a good thing to invest in a really good leave-in conditioner, that works well in hydrating and moisturizing your hair, ready for hair to receive butter or cremes and oils for locking in that moisture ready for your hair to be styled!

What simple steps do you use to keep your curls looking fresh? 

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