Natural Hair- Curl Pattern


Natural Hair – Curl Pattern

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What is my curl pattern? I still don’t know how to determine my pattern! There are still many of you out there, who are unsure how to determine their actual curl pattern.

I want to share my experience with you, on what method I use to determine my curl pattern.

Wash & Go 

When I wash and deep treat my hair with conditioners, I then apply my leave-in conditioner followed by coconut oil to help seal in the moisture, and then I apply my hair moisturiser.

When applying the moisturiser, I do section my hair into four; this allows me to us my fingers in each section to shingle my curls, throughout my hair.

I allow my hair to air dry, this will allow my hair to dry naturally without any form of heat, but I do get shrinkages as it dries, which is good, because shrinkage shows how healthy and strong your strands are, it means that once I stretch out my hair or strand, it bounces back without breakage, this proves that my hair elasticity is at a good level which in turn means that my hair follicles are strong.

This is great news ladies, if this is what your hair does, this is what you want to promote in your hair, it is not always about length, but about nice strong healthy looking hair!

This method is a great way to determine what your curl pattern is and I consider it to be the best method and most accurate way!

Shingling! What is this method?

Shingling is a method used by your fingers when applying hair products to your strands, and using your fingers to rake your strands, allowing the product to distribute evenly through your hair, while soothing your hair.

You will need to allow your hair to dry without touching when using this technique.

Factors that will hinder you from seeing your curl pattern!

So at this point you may be pulling your hair or still look puzzled! You start to ask questions as to why you still cannot see you curl pattern, even though you have conduct the method started above!

Do not worry ladies as the possibilities that will block you from seeing you pattern is as follows:

*Heat damage and the continuous usage of heat in your hair.

How do I know if I have heat damage?  If the texture at the roots of your hair is different to the texture of your strands / length of your strands this is a sign of heat damage.  I would suggest you leave your hair free from using heat tools in your hair for six months.

*Combing – I know your all like to comb you hair, which is fine, I am not saying you should stop, but in order to see your curl pattern you should not use a comb, as this will disturb the curl pattern!

*Dry frizzy hair – If your hair is consistently dry and frizzy you will find it difficult to see you hair texture.

What cause this problem? Lack of drinking water, you are not deep conditioning enough, your protein levels is not balanced and you many need to balance your condition treatment along with a protein treatment the following week, the shampoo you are using is drying your hair or you are shampooing your hair too often.

If you swim the chlorine can cause dryness and frizz to your hair, adding colour to your hair is very big for drying out your hair so you will need to deep condition often to help replace moisture back into your hair.

Make sure you are sleeping on a satin pillow case and using a satin bonnet, this will stop your hair from rubbing and causing breakage!

How to combat this problem?

I would suggest drinking lots of water, I know many of you hate the taste of water, but your body does need this and your hair also, are you willing to drink water to help with your hair growth and healthy hair!

You can pre poo your hair using oils to help penetrate your hair shaft and I like to use my best friend Coconut Oil.  Do use the LOC method as this will help to lock in moisture and keep your strands moisture for a long period.  You can check out my other blog pages on the LOC method.

If you are swimmer I would suggest using conditioners that are designed for sun, chlorine and salt.  Wearing a protective style helps to keep the moisture in your hair.

Deep condition your hair weekly if needed or every two weeks, use a hair steamer, a shower cap with a damp towel in a microwave for a couple of minutes and wrap this over your shower cap to steam your hair, what every method works for you please do not forget to deep condition.

*You may not have a curl pattern!

When your hair is wet if you find that your hair is not producing any curl patterns and consistent throughout your hair, then you just don’t have a curl pattern.  It is not a bad thing embrace what you have regardless it is your crown and glory!

You can check out my page about hair types 

I do hope that this has helped you and a nice tip drink water, eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise  it helps with your hair and weight loss also.

Thank you for reading my post and do leave a comment below.

Have you tried this method? Has it helped you to determine your curl pattern?

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