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Product review on Sleek Crème to Foundation Oil Free

Hey beautiful people,

I would like to share with you a product that I decided to try and test out, just to see if I could get use to using drug store foundation.  Just the thought of using drug store foundation  frightens me, due to the fact of not being able to find my actual shade of colour, and also if the foundation could last for a long period of time, well throughout the day, without me having to re-apply!

My friend Mrs Watson had mentioned to me about the brand Sleek as she uses this on a daily bases, I use Bare Minerals as I wanted a lightweight foundation that provides a create coverage, but my only down fall with this brand is that throughout the day, my face was shining! I did not like that affect at all and for the price that I paid for this product £25 I felt that If I added a couple more pounds, I could purchase Lancome foundation, which would provide me a flawless coverage.

I aim to have two types of foundation, one for my day to day wear which would be a cheap  drug store one, and an expensive brand that provides flawless coverage for my special occasion, after all when you spend a lot on a good foundation, you want this to last at least.

Description of the product and what it does

Crème to Powder is a luxurious crème foundation providing you with medium coverage.  It contains unique properties, it transform itself from a delicate light-weight cream texture to a smooth matte velvety texture upon application, providing a flawless matte finish.  This product is infused with SPF 15 it protects your skin from harmful UV rays, while jojoba oil moisturises the skin.

Directions to use

Prep the skin ensuring face and neck are clean and dry.  Apply using your shade of choice with the applicator provided or you can use a foundation brush.  Apply from the centre of your face, blending outwards towards your hairline, jawline as you go.  To get a even smoother finish, slightly dampen the the sponge or foundation brush when applying Crème to Powder in and around the sides of your nose, eyes and lips to avoid creasing.  Use as desired for maximum coverage.

The box contains 1 Crème to Powder Foundation Compact with mirror and 1 sponge application

Image result for sleek creme to powder hennaImage result for sleek creme to powder henna


I use shade 481 Henna  which is a great match for my colour and very impressed that I could find a shade like this in the drug store, Sleek really has a great range for darker skin tones, so If you are seeking a dark shade of foundation you could have a go with this brand!

The packaging is useful and easy to carry around with you especially with the mirror included in the packaging.  You get 9g of this product, but who cares for £7.00 it is great value for money.  When applying foundation I find the consistency thick and is a dry formula to start with .   I find it better  to use my stippling brush to buff the foundation on my face,  

Once the foundation is on it looks really great, it gives a good coverage, it does not look cakey, but I do find throughout the day my nose looks oily, so to prevent this I use my setting powder over my foundation it helps for me as I get this problem when I use other foundations.

For 8 hours I get a great natural look with out the foundation looking cakey, it is very light on my face, it has great dark tone ranges and it is affordable.  I will be using this foundation for my day to day look.  I will purchase a lighter shade to use as my concealer.

Drug store foundation I am impressed so far?

Have you tried out this foundation? What is your view on it? Would you recommend this product?

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Thank you for reading my post and feel free to leave a comment, I look forward to hearing your views on this product.

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