Babies with mixed hair you will find that their hair starts off straight and throughout the growing stage their hair starts to get thicker with lashings of spirals and coils.  So if you are a parent and you can vouch for being this this position, no worries I got you!

So your wondering where do I start?

So you should know by now that when your dealing with natural thick hair you need to apply water to the hair first, before you start to manipulate the hair. Water is moisture and your hair will thank you for it.  You will notice that your child may have different textures of hair, but that is perfectly normal because naturals will tell you that they too have different textures of hair going on throughout the perimeter of their hair, but it is more common to have more than one texture amongst mixed-race children.

When applying products focus on applying more product to the areas that are much thicker, and use less product to the areas that have the less amount of thickness, opt for Ors Curlies Unleashed Coconut, Shea Butter, Mango, cucumber and Orange range that is developed with this in mind.  It is important to source the right products that caters to the needs of your child's hair.

Here is your guide

Step 1: Add water to their hair and gently section their hair to make the detangling process a doddle for you.

Step 2: Reach out for the Ors Curlies Unleashed Mango & Orange Knot A Chance Daily Detangler, this product will give you enough slip to help with the detangling of their hair, use your fingers to detangle, it will feel for those knots and it will separate the knots better than a brush or a comb would.  Check out my Instagram Page about the benefits of using Orange and mango in your hair!

Step 3: Always work their hair in sections as it makes it easier for you and it causes less stress and pain for them.  Twist each sections of the hair, and it is now ready for the cleaning process, you can wash their hair in the twist, what is more important is to ensure that their scalp is cleansed.  It is best to use the Ors Curlies Mango & Cucumber Curl Detangling Shampoo.  

Step 4: Rinse their hair and apply the conditioner Ors Curlies Unleashed Coconut & Shea Butter In or out Conditioner this will help to infuse moisture back into their hair. 

Step 5: Rinse out the conditioner and now their hair is ready for the styling stage.  I say this all the time, keep their regimen very simple!
Now it is time to apply the Ors Curlies In & Out Conditioner, and this conditioner is one that can be used in both ways meaning as a rinse conditioner, and a. leave-in conditioner, they had you  in mind when they created this product.  Apply the conditioner in all sections of the hair, and then apply the Ors Curlies Coconut & Shea Butter Twist & Curl Creme, this is great as it defines & controls frizz, just a hint for you guys, using the praying method to spread the products throughout the hair id very effective, and style their hair in my opinion in a protective style that will last long and to keep hair moisturised for a good couple of days.  That way their hands won't be in their hair all the time.

So you will see that managing their is not that complicated it just means you need to put aside time to section their hair and to detangle, but opting for good products for kids and for the needs of their hair will make life easier for you and will create a healthy canvas for their hair.

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I hope you found this article useful, leave me comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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