Helpful tips on how to relieve itchy scalp


Are you one that suffers from itchy scalp, and cannot for the life of you thick what causes this to happen.  Well you are not alone on this one, I can say that majority of us is going though this!

What causes itchy scalp?

Dandruff is basically dead skin sells that sheds from the scalp, this is where you will experience flakes but should experience small amounts of this.  When your hair flakes small amounts, this is considered normal but for some people, they may experience large amounts of flaking due to chronic conditions or it could result from certain triggers that will be associated with redness and irritation.

Itchy scalp and the severity of dandruff can result from season changes and can be worst in the winter season,  What causes this affect to happen is when you shampoo your hair too often, or you are sensitive to hair care products, using to many products in your hair can cause build up and itchy scalp, but the most common cause of flaking is dry skin.

Dry scalp is caused by hormonal changes, unhealthy dietary pattern and Vitamin E deficiency, but remember that there is no single cause to dry scalp, as this may differ from person to person.

When the oils from your scalp has been removed it will make your hair dry and flyaway, why? Because it is lacking sufficient lubricating oils, therefore, hair will have no shine at all, you will experience dullness.

Harsh hair products or shampoos are formulated with sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), this is used to create the bubbles and lather when you wash your hair.  You will find that these types of products are inexpensive to buy, however, it is harsh for your hair and will strip the oils from your scalp,  It can cause irritation and cause dryness to the scalp and hair.  Many may experience a reaction, causing the scalp to be itchy and very irritated

How to address this issue?

One of the things that you could consider is to change your hair products, try a new shampoo and conditioner that is not harsh and drying to your hair, and will remove product build-up.  Check your products and eliminate any that contains alcohol, alcohol is a dying agent and will cause your scalp to itch!

When washing or rinsing your hair and scalp, it is best to allow hair to dry completely, damp hair will cause product buildup, also mold can grow in your hair which will be a much bigger headache if this does happen.

Messaging your scalp will help with scalp stimulation, whether you use your hands, brush or a comb, if you conduct this process two to three times a day, it will help distribute the natural oils.

Do invest in a really good hair conditioner as your aim is to condition your hair, adding revitalizing nutrients and fibers, not only will it add shine but it will condition your hair.

Drink plenty of water, your body maybe crying out for water, due to dehydration, it is good to learn how much you should be drinking a day, according to your age and weight!!

Stress plays a role and havoc with your body in general and can have an affect on your scalp also, it is good practice to allow time to chill out, have you time, away from anything that will cause you stress.

Have you considered taking vitamin E supplements, not only does it contain essential oils that are great for you skin in keeping it healthy, it will also help to keep it well hydrated.

Seek professional help!! If your itching is continuous, you maybe suffering from scalp issues that could be symptoms of something more serious, such as shingles, fungal infections or other scalp problems.

Do avoid using chemicals in your hair, remember the saying less is more, well this applies to scalp messaging or brushing of scalp, you need to make sure that you are not over brushing, or messaging for a long time, because your hair will become oily.

Hot oil treatment will be beneficial for you this will help to restore moisture, it will help with dry scalp and frizz while adding body and shine to your hair. You should consider doing this treatment at least 4-6 weeks or more often, especially in the winter colder months.

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