Four reasons to why you should steam your hair


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Steaming my hair has become an important part of my hair routine, whether its a pre-poo, a deep condition a protein treatment or hot oil treatment, the steam and my hair is friend  indeed! Steaming my hair  helps my hair in preventing breakage, I get less shedding and my hair feels soft, strong and well moisturized.  It just takes 20 minutes of your time, to allow the products applied to your hair, to marinade and to penetrate into your hair shaft, you want your hair to get all the goodness that it can, while your cuticles are open!

Hair steaming, what is this?

Steaming your hair means to add moisture to your hair in a form of heat.  There are a number of different methods you can use, to steam your hair.

Four Reasons why you should steam your hair


Steaming your hair provides your hair with moisture, it is a much better way to add moisture to your hair, especially if you have dry brittle hair. It helps to make your hair supple and very hydrated.


Steaming your hair helps to gently lift your hairs cuticle to allow products applied to hair to penetrate effectively. 


When you steam your hair, it provides strength and elasticity to your strands.  It helps to keep your scalp clean and in return promotes healthy hair and promotes hair growth.


Steaming your hair helps to enhance your natural curl pattern, remember I said that after my hair had been steamed, and I applied my products, my hair felt soft, strong, well moisture and my curls popped!  Well this is the case when you steam your hair.

There is no given time as to how often you should steam your hair, you should know when your hair is in need of a good steam.  I steam my hair weekly on a weekend, I deep condition and conduct a hot oil treatment by alternating this every other week now, then every four weeks, I conduct a protein treatment steam to help balance moisture and hair strength.

Do you steam your hair? How often do you conduct this process? How did it leave your hair feeling? Do leave me a comment below?

Link for hair steamer click here 

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