NuNaat Garlic Magic Hair Mask & Conditioner Review



Garlic Magic Conditioner & Hair Mask

So I came across this product, as I love trying out new hair products to see what one's I can clearly state as my "Holy Grill" products to use, because of the affects that it has on my hair, when I use them.  So the first thing that comes to thought, is " Garlic", why the hell would you use garlic in your hair? Why would you like to walk around with that smell in your hair?  I told myself if this is something that I want to get myself involved in?...Um.. No? But I did!!

Now now guys, before you scrunch your nose up to this, as I know many of you are doing this right now.. ha...ha..ha..ha, lets approach this with a open mind, let us test the waters first, before we jump out of the ship.

I have written an article which you can read on Curls Understood's website, I have enclosed a link for you all to read.  It is called "The Benefits of Garlic For Curly Hair", Now garlic has such great properties that benefits our hair in some many ways, that I hope from reading the article, it will actually enlighten you to try it out a least.

About NuNaat Garlic Magic

There product line is created for hair that is weak or slow to grow, it has garlic extract and is designed to work from the root, cleansing the scalp of impurities and to help strengthen hair follicles.  It helps to fight dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair  loss.


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" This naturally powerful antibiotic removes harmful toxins and offers relief to the dry, itchy scalp. When crushed, releases an enzyme known as aliinase, which stimulates blood flow, strengthen hair and reducing breakage.  It is also known to increase body and shine."

The Benefits

> Restores hair to a strong, healthy and natural state
> Formulated with garlic extract
> Fresh, clean scent ( you cannot smell the garlic)
> Fights dandruff, excessive oiliness and hair loss
> Suitable for all hair styles
> Ideal for slow to grow and fragile hair

The collection includes:

> Garlic Extra Force Shampoo
> Garlic Extra Force Conditioner 
> Garlic Extra Fore Styling Cream
> Garlic Magic Hair Mask


Saturday is always my wash and deep condition day, after a hard gym workout.  I used the My DNA shampoo to cleanse my hair, as the Garlic Extra Force Shampoo was not in stock at the store.  After I had pre- pooed my hair that was placed into four sections, I allowed this to settle for about 20 minutes, before I washed out the pre poo.  I then cleansed my hair, using the My DNA shampoo, then washed this out.  

My hair is now ready to receive the goodness of the Garlic Magic Hair Mask, I found this product very watery when applied to my sections, I did not need to use a lot, for each of my sections, as a little did go a long way.  I like the fact that, when applied, it did not leave my hair looking white with product, it saturated each strands of my hair well, it has a nice, not a overwhelming smell too.

I placed my head under a hair steamer for 20 minutes, to allow my hair to be marinade with this goodness, like you do!

Garlic Hair Mask

Now after I had washed out the product from my hair, my scalp felt good, I did not get frizz but I see some shine, my hair felt soft and smooth! This product says that it deeply moisturizes and strengthens hair from root, it leaves your hair  fresh, clean and intense shine, it is ideal for controlling frizz. I did not get frizz, it did help to control this.

Garlic Magic Conditioner 
I washed each sections out, then applied the Garlic Extra Force Conditioner, again this product I found watery, so do be careful when pouring this into your hands.  I did not need to use a lot for my sections, I allowed the conditioner to sit for 2 minutes, before I washed this out.  My hair felt soft, it was manageable, felt smooth, did not feel weighed down.

These products works well for those that has fine hair and oily scalp, my scalp is not oily but it left my scalp extremely cleansed.  The two products that I used, are very light and has a floral scent, I did not smell garlic at all! Threw!!  I would have to use these products a couple of times, before I can actually say, yes, I feel in love with it, but I did like how soft and smooth my hair felt from using them both.

Do you think you will give this product line a try? What is your impression on using garlic in your hair? Have you used this brand before? Did it live up to what it says?

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