What are the benefits of using a primer?


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Have you ever wondered why people have flawless and smooth make up, did you ever wonder how they manage to get this look! Well the base to all foundation and to help prep your skin is primer, primer has so much benefits to your skin as well as your foundation, you will be blown away if you are one that does not use primers.  It will be the best spent product that makes it into your make up bag and will be your go to product before you apply your foundation.

To be honet I never use to use primer, it was only since I watched several videos on YouTube, I thought nothing ventured nothing gained.  I bought my first primer from Bare Minerals as I use this brand for my foundation.  Wow, I was taken by how great this product was, it is a base product that is used before applying your foundation, it helps to keep the foundation in place for a longer period, and this was proof in the pudding!!

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So for those of you that do not reach out to using primer's I guess after my listed benefits of using them it will change your mind!!


>  Primer is used after you have moisturised and many like to leave thier primers on for a least 5 minutes for it to settle into the skin before applying the foundation.

> Primers helps to create a smooth surface in order for you to apply your foundation, it creates a much longer lasting look.

> Primers helps to seal your pores which is great in helping to keep out the production of oils

> Your foundaton behaves well to your primer base rather than applying it directly to your skin, this will help in preventing enlarged pores and breakouts.

> Primers helps to maintain skin hydration by locking in or sealing in the moisture

> Primers helps to smooth and even out your skin tone and skin texture

> Using primers also saves you money because you tend to not use a lot of foundation, so you are using less of it which is benefiting for your pockets!!

> Different types of primers helps to give you a flawless, smooth and longer lasting make up that will last for hours especially in humid and hot climates

Add this product to your make up kit and watch the magic unfold!


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