My Hair Journey!


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Hello and welcome to  My name is Claudine and I have been a natural since 2012, not long hah! I was very scared of taking that grand leap forward, in getting my straight permed hair chopped off.  I knew that once's this was done, I could not go back, that is it!

My relaxed hair was getting thin and all I ever did was to wear my hair up, and in one simple boring hair style.  I knew that I needed to learn, that change is as good as new, natural hair is something that I need to learn to embrace.

Having relaxed hair meant that I was always conscientious about getting my hair wet, or people touching my hair especially once it was done, I could not go swimming, I was missing out on all the fun!  Why? Because of the chlorine and of course getting my hair wet and no hair straighteners to make my hair look good.

We be like the people in this picture:

I really wanted to jump into the pool, I was also annoyed because my relaxed hair would always get sweat out if I did work out or if the sun would appear, and frankly I was sick of it all.  I just wanted my hair gone, and so I booked an appointment at Pzazz my favourite hairdressers located in East Croydon, a five star rated hair salon that caters for relaxed and natural hair, I love this place to bits.

Do check out their website for pricing, address details and much more I do recommend you take a visit there your hair will look and feel extremely nice I am telling you from years of experience attending there!

So I sat in the chair, and hold on!.... That moment in waiting to exhale movie!.... That moment of having the scissors cut through each strand of my hair  made me feel a little on the edge. The after picture of my hair cut, I was somewhat happy to see no more relaxed hair.  Yes! I was happy, and happy with my new hair cut, I can finally go swimming now and enjoy myself, I was getting fed up of the conforming western ideals of having long straight hair just like everyone else, what happened to being different?

My decision to cut my hair was purely cosmetic and not political, I have learnt to embrace my kinky, curly natural hair.  Many often asked that question, Why do you want kinky hair? It is too much to maintain? Where do you find the time?

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My answer is if you plan yourself well and conduct a really good hair regimen, then maintaining your hair should be fun and no breeze.  I have learnt so much about my hair from attending hair seminars and from following others on Youtube.  Thanks to Natasha Sutherland and her awesome hair seminars, a girl can really learn a lot about natural hair, wow!  If you have not attended yet, then you are missing out, do checkout her website for more information and dates.

I decided to to write up on my experience and what I have learnt about natural hair, I had a burning desire and a passion for natural hair, I wanted to do this for a long while, I am not one for  playing lip service  and so I have done it! Natures Natural Hair a platform to learn and share your experiences about mine and your natural hair.

Check out my hair regimen on how I maintain my hair just click on the text:

Tips on hair regime!

Here is my before and after pictures of my hair!

My big chop 2012

my current hair now 2015

I do hope that this post has inspired you and let me know about your hair journey, Was you afraid? What was your experience like? Are you willing to share your before and after pictures with us?

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration ....
    I have always gone swimming with my children using one of my many swimming hats. Lol