What's In My Carry-On Bag


It has been  a while guys since I last travelled with my dearest hubby since 2005, we had planned that every year to celebrate our anniversary, we would go on holiday and venture abroad, well this did not go to plan, we had our first child and then came the second, so that kinda finished us since then.  Kids carry that word called "Expense", but life without my girls would never be the same, they are such a blessing to Dean & I in different ways, but they are very smart kids.

So yes since 2005 we had our last trip to Tunisia, and we knew that someday we would have the opportunity to venture out again and to bring our kids along to experience life out of England, aww bless them. 
 In five weeks time, it will be our first family holiday we will be travelling to Florida, we will be  10 minutes away from Disney World and I cannot wait to get the kids there to have that experience of real fun...so I have been told.  This will be my kids and I first time in America and this is my husband 4 or 5 times I cannot keep count, but this country is no stranger to him.

I wanted to create this blog in company with my video in sharing what I will be carrying with me in my carry-on bag.  You can scroll down to the bottom of this post if you'd like to watch that, but initially thought I would talk you through what I will be carrying.

This will be an 8-hour flight and it is the longest flight that I have been on, but there will be many long haul flights to come I will make sure of that. Here are all the items I will be carrying with me on this flight.....


Although I love to blog and create video's I am still debating if I should carry my laptop along with me or not.  I have to consider that I will be venturing out and around Florida and visiting family of course, so I need to be practical on whether I will have the time or energy to be unsocial for a while-while working on my laptop.  I will be carrying with me some headphones, just standard ones will do due to the fact that I hate having to carry such big bulky ones that will only take up space in my carry-on.  I will be carrying my mobile with me, so I intend to bring along my phone charging lead and plug with me on the flight and while I am staying at a family home.

I will be lagging with me my Sony A5000 camera to capture all the excitement from my kids and to capture memories of our first family holiday.  I may just throw in so video's of our time out there so you can picture what we did and how beautiful the country is.


So nothing is so numbing when you're sitting in one place with little to no entertainment for a long haul flight, it will drive anyone up the wall and for me yes for sure, although I will be catching up on sleep that I haven't been having for months...(Long Story),  I will be jam packing Spotify with some songs, making sure that I have downloaded some audiobooks and have one magazine and a book to keep me entertained, I may just find some really great podcast to listen to long the way.


The name speaks for itself, I will be carrying all passports, insurance documents, money, visa information and car hire documents and driving licence too.  I would recommend that you leave details of where you will be staying and flight details with someone at home.  Most importantly you need a good bag to carry your essentials items in- I love the Miss Selfridges Backpack because it's so easy to carry and when you have children it is best to have fewer things carrying in your hand, nothing is worst when your kids falls asleep and they need to be carried, and you have bags in your hand, I am all about making life easy for myself, not to make a statement in carrying a huge stylish bag.


If you have seen my video you may think that I am carrying too many items, but to me, I feel that I have carried fewer items than I actually need.  Hand sanitizer is handy to have as is a toothbrush and toothpaste, I will not be wearing any makeup because I simply don't care for what people have to say and as I will be sleeping on the flight, what will be the point of wearing makeup. I have micellar water, some cotton pads, face mask, face hydrating cream, face mist, eye roller stick for my puffy eyes, hand cream, a small bottle of Elizabeth Arden Perfume, rose water and glycerin to refresh my curls and a hair creme if needed to add to moisturise my curls oh and a lip balm, socks and a scarf just in case it gets cold on flight.

I think I have covered all that I have in my backpack... stay tuned for my next video that will be about what I will carry on holiday for my make-up and skincare and or course my natural hair, as it will be my first time travelling with natural hair.

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