Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer




Y41 Shade Honey

I must say, I am so glad that I have managed to get my sticky fingers on this product, Makeup Forever HD you have sold me on this one, I love this formula.  This range comes in 10 colors which is divided into two categories, you have 5 correcting shades that counterbalance dark circles and the concealer shades that evens everything out especially under your eyes!

The applicator on the concealer is made of plastic and at the tip of the applicator, it has the smallest opening.

I use shade Y41 Honey as this is the darkest shade they have for dark skin,when applying this product to my face, I found that it is very pigmented, smooth, creamy and just divine, it does give you a full coverage,it does not feel heavy and a little goes a long way trust me.

I love this little 7 ml slim product, it is very easy to travel around with, when squeezing product out, I apply a small amount to my hands, and use my fingers to apply product to areas that I want to cover up, then i use a beauty blender to smooth everything out. It works really well in covering up dark circles, leaving your eye area looking natural and radiant looking.  Did I experience any creasing? Hell no!, This product works just like a charm, I experienced no creasing throughout the whole day!
I do wish that they had a much wider selection in darker tones, as this is an excellent range for anyone to try out!  I really like using Make Up Forever Ultra HD Concealer, and can see myself re-purchasing it again to use in my daily makeup routine.  Hiding away any imperfections is the aim of the game, without anyone noticing the cover up, this is what you will get from using this product.

Have you used this product before? How did it work out? Would you recommend?


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