Hair Regime for Kids & Toddlers


Being a mum of two girls that has the same hair texture, but their hair density is very much different is not that difficult to maintain, it just means that I have to approach their hair differently.  My eldest daughter of 9 years, has 4a hair type and her density is very high.  Her hair can pretty much take to most products, and they all seem to make her hair feel soft, moist and shiny! I use in her hair heavier products such as creams and butters and oils such as Olive Oil or Castor oil to help seal in the butters and creams and the leave- in conditioner.

My younger daughter of 2 years has 4a hair but her hair density is low, she lacks thickness in her hair, and so I have to be more careful on the type of product I use in her hair. I have to use much lighter products that do not weigh hair hair down and to prevent the reduction of volume.  I use products such as Just for me Hair milk, shampoo which is sulphate free and conditioner in that range. I also use hair mousse and Coconut oil to seal in the moisture. Heavier creams does nothing to her hair but to weigh her strands down.

Let's Start!!

Step 1

 Moisturise their hair using a water based leave-in conditioner or a boiled and cooled water in a bottle to Spitz in their hair to provide that first stage of moisture.

Step 2

I do use a wide tooth comb for my daughter with thicker hair, for my two year old I like to finger detangle it is much more gentler and better for her hair and me to feel for the knots and tangles in her hair.

Step 3

I like to co-wash both their hair every week, steam their hair then rinse and then moisturise their hair with leave -in conditioner, oil and cream.

Every four weeks I like to pre-poo with oil leave this on their hair for 45 mins, rinse, then shampoo their hair, I will conduct a protein treatment for about 30 mins using a steamer or a wrapped damp towel that has been warmed in a microwave for my 2 year old.  This method will help to keep their strands moist, as shampoo can strip the moisture out of the hair, depending on how many times you conduct this method and the protein treatment will help to add strength and resiliency to their hair. 

If you need to shampoo due to your child doing swimming or any other activities wash using a mild sulphate shampoo once a week.

Step 4

I allow their hair to air dry, I never like to use heat in their hair, once their hair is dry , i use coconut oil to message their scalp, then do a protective style in their hair to last a week before I conduct the whole process again. I do

Step 5 

I do not allow them to go to bed with any clips, bands or headbands in their hair, I feel that this will cause breakage and become uncomfortable for them to sleep with them in their hair.

Step 6 

Throughout the week I make sure that I keep their style moisturised by adding leave - in, oil and them cream, this helps the hair and prevents dryness.

Step 7 

Cover their hair with a satin scarl, cap or a pillow case for them to lye on

Kids products for low density hair

Hair Milk Shampoo
Formulated with a triple blend of shea butter, soymilk and honey, our formula gently cleanses hair for soft, silky, healthy-looking curls. Ideal for curly or wavy textures.
Hair Milk Curl Smoother
A lightweight, milky formula that helps control frizz and leaves curls bouncy, touchable and beautifully defined. Ideal for all hair textures.

Hair Milk Conditioner
Formulated with a triple blend of shea butter, soymilk and honey, our conditioner revitalizes tight, curly or wavy textures for hair that’s nourished and easy to comb.

Kids products for high density hair

Shampoo & Conditioner for Course & Fragile Hair

Twist & Define Cream allows you to maximize your twist ability with ease! When dry, hair will have the desired shape and coil foundation from this non-flaking botanical rich formula. Gives hair abundant shine imparted from Argan, Abyssinian and Castor natural oils and Amla extract.

My hair routine for my kids works for me, if I need to adjust depending on the condition of their hair I will adjust my routine, this regime may not work well for your child hair, I can only suggest that you pay attention to your child's hair and see what works well in their hair and stick to it, analyse the condition of their hair, is it dry? Do I need to add more moisture to the hair? I the hair greasy? Do I need to refrain from using oils in the hair for a day or two.  Is my child's hair prone to breakage? Check to see if you are conducing tight braids in their hair, Are you using hair bands tightly in their hair? Perhaps you should refrain a while from using any hair bands, braids or hair bands in their hair for a while.
I hope this has helped you, How do you maintain your children's hair? Do leave a comment and have a blessed day!

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